Fire Proof Glass

Fire Proof Glass

Fire-Proof Glass is the manufacture process of toughened monolithic cesium potassium flameproof glass, when one side of the glass is fired, it can prevent the fire and hear through the glass or fir e again in the back of glass in a short time, it has the good refractory integrity, refractory stays and high refractory limit.


1.High strength. It is several time stronger than float glass.

2.Strong fire resistance: Upto 60-180 minutes fire protection and heat insulation without cracking.

3.High weatherability: Suitable for all kinds of natural environment use, in the sunlight long-term illuminate, does not change anything, same service life with common glass.

4.Processibility: Can be processed in to laminated safety fire glass, insulated glass, glass curtain wall etc.

5.Convenient installation: Installation is simple as common glass.


It can be used both internal and external areas for installation into both steel or timber framed doors and screens, it is ideal for emergency and exit routes.

IT data serve rooms

Telecom data serve rooms

Fully glazed doors in fire exits

Load bearing glass floors

Refuge area / Lift lobbies / Corridors

Emergency exit and escape routes

Horizontal and overhead glazing


Fire Resistance Glass




2440x4800mm(below 5mm)

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